On July 8, 2015, on the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, a solemn opening ceremony […]
In the Fresh Wind it is really easy to breathe – the territory of the hotel […]
The hotel is located in the historic center of the city, and the building itself – […]
Cozy four-storey hotel Na Zarechnoy is located on the picturesque right bank of the Yakhroma river […]
The complex in the village of Svistukha near the Yakhromskoye reservoir consists of the Europa hotel […]
A bronze figure of a liberator warrior stands on a huge granite pedestal. He was captured […]
The public organization for helping homeless animals Umka has been operating since February 2012. During this […]
One of the most ancient monasteries of Moscow Russia was founded in the second half of […]
Do you enjoy a stroll through the Dmitrov Kremlin and want to have a good time […]
A private farm is located 40 kilometers from Moscow in an area that is famous for […]