Monument to Peter and Fevronia

On July 8, 2015, on the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, a solemn opening ceremony of the monument to the Holy Blessed – Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia of Murom took place on the territory of the museum and exhibition complex of the museum-preserve Dmitrov Kremlin. The author of the project is the honored artist of Russia, sculptor Yury Khmelevskoy. Bronze sculpture was made in the foundry in Smolensk.


As is well known, Peter and Fevronia are historically considered to be the patrons of family and love – their touching story is striking in its purity, sincerity and devotion. They became examples of marital fidelity, mutual love and family happiness during their lifetime. Their history not only did not get lost in the centuries, but also marked the beginning of a bright holiday.


Newlyweds, lovers and married couples come to this monument today, whose love and faithfulness have been tested by time, as well as those who are only looking for love and looking forward to meet someone.