Farm Sarsadskih

A private farm is located 40 kilometers from Moscow in an area that is famous for its picturesque forests, abundance of reservoirs, and also a prosperous ecological situation. All this creates unique conditions for the full and proper cultivation of cattle and allows you to get organic food. The owners of the farm have been engaged in farming for over 20 years, and they approach the expansion of production very carefully, trying to preserve the main priority – product quality. The owners do not use the services of intermediaries, being engaged in direct supplies of milk, meat and potatoes.
Milk at Sarsadskih is not diluted, not boiled and not normalized. Cows are milked three times a day, milk is collected in a tank for cooling, and then poured into branded bottles or in the buyer’s own container.
There are no mass excursions to the farm. However, you can always call – if the owner is in place, he will willingly take you around the house, showing the main objects.