Monument to the Heroes of the Battle of Moscow

A bronze figure of a liberator warrior stands on a huge granite pedestal. He was captured in a rapid impetus, with a gun in his high hand. The overcoat of the coat are thrown back, the arms spread out like the wings of a bird — all this gives the impression of an irrepressible striving forward. In the upper front of the pedestal you can see the inscription: To the Heroes of the Battle of Moscow. There is an image of representatives of the main types of troops in the lower part. Later, the lines of the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky were carved on granite. The monument, which embodies the idea of an impetus, confidence in victory, rises as a symbol of power and strength, boundless courage and resilience of the defenders of Moscow. The opening of the ensemble took place in 1966, when the 25th anniversary of the Moscow Battle was celebrated. This is a favorite venue for celebrations dedicated to the heroic dates of Russian military glory, a place of patriotic education of young people. The monument is the hallmark of the Dmitrov district, its pride and cultural component.