Hotel Shukolovo

Center for active recreation "Leonid Tyagachev Ski Club" - the oldest ski resort near Moscow, as well as the traditional training base of the Russian national teams in alpine skiing and snowboarding. The club is located on the highest point of the Klinsko-Dmitrovsky mountain range 40 km from Moscow, where in the 60s of the last century a sports school for children and youth Olympic reserve was built. It was these slopes where many famous Russian skiers began their sports careers. There are 9 ski slopes on the territory of 95 hectares, an illuminated cross-country ski run, a tubing track, a hotel complex, chalet cabins, a mini spa center, a tennis court, an ice rink, several sports grounds, an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, a banquet hall, a sport-bar, karaoke-bar and much more. In the summer for you - the unique nature of the Moscow region, clean air, forest, fishing, games and walks that will help you to relax and gain strength. There are outdoor sports fields for volleyball, basketball, mini-football, beach football, cycling and an open-air swimming pool. For those who love and appreciate active recreation, in whom the thirst for adventure and new discoveries is alive, we also offer karting, horseback riding.

The minamal cost: 3200 rub

Contacts: +7 (495) 980-79-79


Address: Moscow region, Dmitrovsky urban district, Shukolovo village, Leonid Tyagachev Ski Club



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