Hotel Boyar Manor

The complex in the village of Svistukha near the Yakhromskoye reservoir consists of the Europa hotel and two cottage settlements - the Russian Village and the Alpine Yard. The cottages are wooden, really similar to Russian huts. Each comes with a terrace, a playground and a real samovar. The Alpine Courtyard Chalet has two floors, and there are more place in it. It is convenient to accommodate a large family or a noisy company of six to twelve people. The houses have everything you need for a comfortable stay: kitchen-living room, bedrooms, shower rooms on the first and second floors. One of the cottages is equipped with a Russian steam-bath (banya). The hotel has a mini-zoo with a charming hind, an ATV rental, a ten-minute walk away - a clear lake. Spa-complex, steam-bath (banya) and an open jacuzzi under high fir-trees will also find their lovers.

Rooms number: 25

The minamal cost: 3500 rub (breakfast included)

Contacts: +7 495 661-88-53


Address: Moscow region, Dmitrovsky urban district, Svistukha village , Paromnaya, 22


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