Cafe-bar Berloga

Cafe-bar Berloga has a unique menu, in which each dish has an unusual name. Many have already tried the taste of such masterpieces as “Customs gives the go-ahead”, “Three in a boat”, “Talker, a find for a spy”. For many years, the chef has consistently successfully prepared all the dishes, so the place has many fans and regular guests. Berloga invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of your favorite tastes. Here you can have a snack either alone or in the company of friends or family.

Средний счет: 1000 рублей

Кухня: европейская, русская

Время работы: ежедневно 12:00-00:00

Контакты: +7 (496) 224-17-55

Адрес: Московская область, Дмитров, Аверьянова, 3

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