Children’s recreation camp Druzhba

The first shift of the children recreation camp Druzhba was held in the summer of 1945 and it was located in the rural school of the Moscow-based Lugovaya station, since the camp had no base. Then there were schools at the stations of the Krasny Stroitel, Vnukovo, Pravda and in the village of Kamenka. And only in 1955, at the site allocated to the enterprise near this very village, the newly built, then completely wooden, children recreation camp Druzhba received its young inhabitants. Today, the camp has four two-story brick buildings, a good dining room with modern Italian equipment, a swimming pool, a summer club, four circle buildings, a football field, a training field, three volleyball courts, a basketball court, four badminton medical facilities, an outpost, a stable for 7 horses . The following sections work in the camp: aircraft model, soft toy, weaving of bast, beadwork, leather crafts, felting is crafts made of wool, macrame, weaving of napkins, burning on fabric, modeling from plasticine, modeling from salt dough, drawing, English, young psychologist, library, game library , typography, recording studio, karting, swimming pool, equestrian section, cycling section, kayaks, football, volleyball, pionerball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, shooting, checkers, backgammon chess, darts, wrestling, gym. Each shift is thematic, which is revealed in various competitions, festivals, dances, performances, fairs, and programs, which at the end of each shift end up with a large halo concert.