Cafe Coffee-Time

Kropotkin Street in Dmitrov is not mutilated by multi-storey buildings – houses rarely rise above the second floor here. The coffee-time coffee shop, wedged between absolutely archaic huts, is no exception. In the menu – soups, pasta, lots of salads. But the specialty of the place is desserts, freshly squeezed juices and, of course, coffee. You can also have lunch here. It’s best to start with a light consommé, order the baked turkey fillet with pesto sauce for the main course, and finish the lunch with a cappuccino with strawberry pie. Walking after this will be complicated, but the center of the city, as we said, is small. However, you can not overeat, but just jump in for light milkshake or profiteroles. It is especially pleasant to sit in a coffee shop in the summer – tables at this time are exposed on the street, you can drink coffee and watch the work of street artists.