Borisoglebsky Monastery

The monastery, bearing the name of the Russian princes, who were killed by their step-brother, was founded not later than the 15th century. The oldest of its construction is the Cathedral of Boris and Gleb, built before 1537, all other buildings date back to later times.


Like many other church buildings, in the 20th century, the monastery experienced quite a few bitter moments. In 1926 it was finally closed, giving the building to the museum of local lore. In 1932 the museum was moved to the Uspensky Cathedral, and the administration of Dmitlag was located in the monastery. From the 1940s to the 1970s, there was a military unit in the monastery, and later – various institutions and organizations. The fraternal corps was used for housing. The monastery was handed over to the ROC only in 1993, it is now fully restored.


The main objects of the monastery are the Borisoglebsky Cathedral, the Chapel of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Gates and the gate Nikolskaya Church, as well as the Holy Chapel. You can eat and gain strength in the refectory.


The real peacocks live in a wooden house on the territory of the monastery. During the day, these amazing birds walk down among bushes and trees.